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Exploring Artwork: “Longeuil, Normandie”

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Exploring Artworks: My favorite painting in college

Lyonel Feininger “Longeuil, Normandie”

oil on canvas, painted October 1909

31.75” x 39.75”

One day in painting class my professor gave us a task to do. Go into the museum and find our favorite painting and our least favorite painting. I had been to the museum almost daily during the last year and had not ever considered seeing the collection in this frame of mind. But, off I went to the Art Institute of Chicago and saw “Longeuil, Normandie” by Lyonel Feininger. There is a vast array of treasures in the museum, but the great green-yellow sky grabbed me as I walked by. Then I noticed the three guys at the bottom. Such characters! And then the trees, such interesting shapes. Have you seen this painting? Do you love it or hate it? I am providing a link to it on the Art Institute’s website, but the photo doesn’t do it justice. Yet another reminder that art in person is much different then art online. But still worth the look! What is your favorite painting? Hard to choose isn’t it?