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Gardening: Spring is Sprouting

by | Mar 25, 2016 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Gardening: Spring is Sprouting

My onions are sprouting and I have begun transplanting them into the new garden. I love onions and put them in just about everything I cook. Unfortunately I can’t remember which flat is the red onions and which one is the white. But that is a problem that will solve itself, right? (A toddler decided to play with my seedling tags, any guesses who that was?)onionseedlings

My girls and I have planted two different kinds of peas so far. When I read the package I realized they are shorter peas, so my mental picture of the great-pea-and-bean-fort-of-2016 will probably have to wait until next year.

I love reusing old egg cartoons to start my seedlings. Transplanting them into the bed gets a little wobbly so perhaps I’ll try putting them into egg shells propped up in the egg cartoon next time. I’ve also direct sowed bok choy, spinach, two kinds of carrots, green onions, artichokes (I have no idea what will happen there!) and two kinds of lettuce. Of course I forgot to mark which one was where, figuring “I’ll remember”. Um, yep, not so much. I guess I’ll turn it into a vegetable identification moment with my oldest daughter.

KTwateringcanMy youngest daughter has discovered the joys of the watering can and will water anything. Including what you don’t want watered, like the driveway.

Overall we are on our way to being able to get food we’ve grown ourselves. It is important to me to teach my kiddos where food comes from, the joys of gardening, working to get something you want and to have super tasty veggies to enjoy.

So far I’ve only broken one trowel and one shovel. How old were they? I’m not that strong!