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Boots! And a trail buddy

by | Jan 2, 2017 | Hiking Stories | 0 comments

The family and I took a small hike in the Cathedral Hills, outside of Grants Pass, Oregon. We decided to take the easy loop trail, “Ponderosa.” This gave me the opportunity to try out my two new items. The FitBit Alta my hubby gave me, and my new hiking boots!

After a few different attempts to replace my trusty old hiking boots with cheaper ones, I finally got fed up with cheap boot issues and decided to bite the bullet. Luckily this decision corresponded nicely with a REI clearance sale. I decided to get newer version of the same boots I’ve had. My old boots I believe are from 1995, or thereabouts. You’ll notice they are ripped, chewed, rusty, painted, and a very well loved.

I took them out for their first hike. According to the FitBit it was 8,500 steps.

Along the trail we stepped aside to let another hiker pass. As it often happens, we started up a conversation. Turns out he is also a painter. And, we had both heard of each other. A bit of fun that was! He is also a trail volunteer and supplied my daughters with some awesome Smokey the Bear stickers in the parking lot.