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The Rewards of Looking Down

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I enjoy the up close and semi-abstract qualities that nature gives us. To me these feel like little portraits of the many faces of nature.

Water and Sand painting Kristen O'Neill

@Kristen O’Neill, Water and Sand, Acrylic on Paper. 14″ x 11″ (framed 20″ x 16″). $300


I love these moments where the realistic becomes the abstract. Here, the water slides across the the sand as the waves roll in and out. Small rocks have been uncovered from the sand by the water. Large rocks shelter this area, and shade the reflection of the sky. This painting is the only one with this spirit in my series “Oregon Coast Trail.” I felt that at least one of these moments had to be included to complete the series. I love the reflection of the sky in the water. Subtle, yet important.


Tree reflection in creek

@Kristen O’Neill, Tree Reflection in Butano Creek, Oil on Canvas. 19″ x 12″. $350.

Butano Creek State Park is located in the Central Coast area of California. This is where the Coastal Redwoods are tucked a few beautiful hills back from the Pacific Ocean. The reflection of a nearby tree is visible in the Little Butano Creek. Little leaves swirl along in the water’s current. I love the variety of shapes in the leaves, and the pattern of the branches, broken up by a thousand ripples. I saw this view when I looked over the side while crossing a bridge.

A great way to really experience the landscape around you is to look in all directions. I find I often stop on a trail and look up and all around. You never know when you are going to see that spark of trail magic.