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Moving to a new landscape

by | Jul 15, 2015 | Art + Nature, The Practice of Art | 0 comments

Oregon WaterfallWell! I have been packing for weeks now. Actually, unpacking my from last move and repacking. Which just feels silly, but… bugs in the storage unit. Yuck. The last thing I will pack will be my studio (and the girl’s toys!). I am so excited that I have a new studio at my new house! I’m sure you’ll see photos after I move in and get all comfy. It will be so much better than my 6′ x 6′ corner of my room that I have been using for almost three years now!

But a new challenge awaits. I am a landscape artist. I found this out originally when I moved from mountains covered in Coastal Redwoods to downtown Chicago for college. After moving there I started painting trees, and, well, I haven’t stopped in the subsequent decade. I moved to the midwest for a few years and it was about a year before I felt connected enough to paint. It was a very frustrating first year and mainly I ended up painting from photos and sketches of California while sitting in Iowa. (See my Heartland Series for the work I did make of the midwest.) This time we are moving to Southern Oregon. Hopefully our last long-distance move!!

While visiting Southern Oregon this weekend I was very excited to see how fast I emotionally felt connected to the natural surroundings. Of course it helps it is stunning. We visited some waterfalls and hiking through a beautiful forest. It will take a bit before Southern Oregon feels like home, but I look forward in getting to know the area better and to show you how I experience it through my art.