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Picky, Cheap … Determined!

by | Apr 27, 2015 | The Practice of Art | 0 comments

Stepping tree stonesA few years back I wanted a website. Everywhere I looked I saw websites for artists that could be set up but required a monthly fee. No monthly fee for me, I’m cheap! (cheap, broke, and frugal all have my photo next to them in the dictionary). Even Dave Ramsey once made fun of how cheap my wedding ring is ($70).

So there I am, wanting a website but not a bill. I got a “HTML for dummies” book (from the library!) and coded myself a simple five page website. It took two weeks. I started with no clue on what I was doing. It was exciting when it worked and super frustrating when it didn’t. My brother called one day while I was sitting in front of my computer coding. I told him that my problem was that I was picky and cheap. Everything I liked always was the expensive way and that was why I was sitting there struggling with HTML. He laughed and said, “Its okay to be picky and cheap when you add in determined.” Aha! I didn’t have to change myself. I didn’t have to stop being these things, I just had to add in determination. I could do that!

I had that silly art website for three years. I was so proud of it. However, I finally realized that I needed it to do more than I was capable of doing. Sure, I could learn it, but the time it would take was needed for other things. This time being cheap was to pay for some initial help, and get a website with a shop and blog set up.

Don’t be afraid to try something big. Be yourself, approach it your own way. Then when you reach your limits it is okay to ask for help! Only when we keep going are we getting anywhere. Boy, that sounds cheesy, but for me, my goal is to keep going.