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Wolf Creek Falls Pool



Acrylic on wood panel

16″ x 16″

Framed in a warm brown contemporary wooden frame.  7/8 inch deep panel.


Wolf Creek Falls awaits at the end of the most beautiful hike I’ve been on in Southern Oregon. My family and I hiked to the bottom of the falls and were able to easily climb amongst the rocks.

The tranquil outer edge of the pool reflects the beautiful sunny sky and the sunshine on the tops of the evergreens, while we sit down below in the hollow in the shade. The blue tint to this painting is to emphasize the cool and misty feeling one gets while sitting at the bottom of a waterfall. There were even some old white logs left to lay in the pool, trees that fell from above, long, long ago.

This truly a beautiful trail with an awesome waterfall reward at the end. And an easy trail, that our daughters managed just fine.


This painting has been varnished, including the wood sides of the cradle. The varnish has a matte-finish so there will be little glare even if hung in a bright spot, or under direct light. The painting is lightweight and is easily hung up on even the smallest nail or screw. Wood frame.


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Exhibited in “A Radical Light” at the Umpqua Valley Arts Association, 2017.

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