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Simple Paintings for Yourself

by | Sep 6, 2022 | Art Lessons, The Practice of Art | 0 comments

The Isle of Skye seen from the amazing B&B in Glenelg, Scotland


Sometimes I find myself taking myself way too seriously. Does this happen to you? I go to sit down and paint and all the sudden I bring all this pressure with me. Like, I need to paint a masterpiece. I need to make it really good. Better than last time. Better than … Ug. Enough brain. This is supposed to be enjoyable. That’s why I do it. 

Deep breath. 

Forget the pressure. Forget the “should”. Simply have a moment to connect to the world in front of you. What do you see?

For years I dreamed of going to the Isle of Skye in Scotland. One day I found myself staying at an amazing B&B in Glenelg, across the water from the Isle of Skye. The clouds came and went a lot, and I enjoyed sitting in our room simply looking. I decided to paint the scene. Not to make a “good painting” but to SEE better. When I paint I see the world in a completely different way. I wanted to experience that view.


Amazing view of the Isle of Skye from Glenelg, Scotland and my travel watercolors.

Is this the best painting? Nope. Is this a painting that will always remind of that experience? Oh yes. And to me that is more valuable to myself. So make some small paintings for yourself. No need to impress anyone with them, not even yourself. Simply enjoy the world and see it as a painter.

Scotland Details:

Air B&B – Rebecca and her husband are wonderful. Want to stay there? Here is the listing:


The adventure of driving out to Glenelg!