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The Story is Part of the Gift

by | Jan 9, 2020 | Uncategorized | 1 comment

And yes, there is a story to art. AND people want to hear it.

There is an old tale of a poor boy that walks 12 miles to give his friend a gift. It is a small gift, and when he gives it to his friend, his friend is astonished. Why walk so far to give something so small? The boy replies that, “The walk was part of the gift.”

I’d like to expand this idea one step further to original art.

Buying an original artwork is a decision that ripples out in positiveness. The purchase helps the artist continue on their artistic journey (both financially, and emotionally), and it adds an amazing creative force to your own home . It is powerful to have something original and handmade. Beyond those ideas though, lies a further idea – the story behind the work.

We engage with art in a much different way than another “item” or “product.” Original artworks have two stories. It has one story about what it is visually conveying, and one about how it was made. Handmade items have the love, effort, thoughtfulness from a person. It is a recording of an artist’s efforts. A moment that doesn’t come again in just the same way.

There is the story of why this artwork was made. What is the meaning behind the visuals? What compelled the artist to make this artwork? To pull it out of non-existence, and to use their energy and time and to create their vision. Was it to capture a memory? To provoke a discussion?

What stories do you curate by your selection of artworks? Are you a lover of nature? Do you explore our amazing world? Do you adore design and abstractions? Bright colors? Muted tones? There are infinite possibilities as long as you buy directly from artists and galleries. Go for the original. Curate your own space. Live with stories.

Fall Creek Light painting
Fall Creek Light, Oil on Canvas – The story of a moment in a forest where the light reached the creek. A rare event when deep in the Redwoods.
Click on photo to for more information on this artwork.

What type of visual stories do you live with? Comment below!