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Wolf Creek Painting

by | May 21, 2016 | Art + Nature | 0 comments

I am happy to announce that I have finished my painting “Wolf Creek”.

Wolf Creek Oregon

Wolf Creek, 18″ x 36″, acrylic on canvas, Kristen O’Neill. 2016



There is a stunningly beautiful hike along Wolf Creek in the Umpqua National Forest.  The trail follows along the creek closely and so even when you lose sight of it you can still hear it babbling by. At this point in the trail you are walking right next to it. The sunlight was almost directly over us and we could see so much light bouncing of the water, showing the bright green glow of the broad maple tree leaves, while also still feeling the dark, shady moss areas.

This was an mid-October day, and the water levels were as low as they get. The gray rocks without moss are the ones that are underwater many months of the year. This is a brief moment of the life of this creek. The next week heavy rains came and the rocks were once again submerged.

While creating this painting I posted many in progress photos to Instagram. If you care to follow along there you can find me the Instagram icon below.

Here is a taste of what I show there:

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